The Library of the Lost

The Story Begins

Basic information regarding this campaign

The story is yet to start. Nothing has happened. All players should be preparing their characters.

Here are the rules:
Wizards of the Coast content only, preferably core (PHB and PHB2) classes.
No races that have a level adjustment and, again, preferably core races (PHB and DMG).

This campaign is for non-evil characters and preferably non-chaotic. However any alignment of non-evil character will be allowed.

Roles that have been:
1) Stealth – Mike (Ranged Rogue)
2) Tank – Greg (Dwarven Barbarian)
3) Caster – Adam (Dragonblood)
4) Healer – Lauren (Human Druid; Spontaneous Casting as healer instead of Summoner)

Optional Roles:
Any others, if there are enough players.

All players must read up on Montevoix, as it is their hometown, or at the very least their current/logstanding place of residence.



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