The Library of the Lost

Details of Tyto Tenebricosa's Death
Trapped in the Library

The party has gone through many trials and trepidations up to this point.

Wandering through the Druid’s forest, and into the Dwarven Stronghold left the party shaken and distraught. Each dealt with the pain and chaos in their own way, but none was unaffected.

The druids, having lost a huge portion of their clan, have been left to rebuild their stronghold and ward off the evil. Allana found the strength to carry on and work not only towards the study of her own healing powers, but found her strength as a warrior. Her remaining clan, recognizing her as such called back her animal companion and set her out with a new one, that marked the change in her powers, a Tiger marked with the green Dye of her clan, clad in armor. Suitable to her own strength, a companion and warrior in it’s own right.

The dwarves, whose king fell at the hands of their own brother, branded Doldin not just a Kinslayer, but now also a Kingslayer. Even upon bringing the king back from the realm of the dead, they shunned him. However the king offered, at Doldin’s cousin Helgar’s request, that were they to destroy this dark presence that corrupted the Dwarven people so, they would honor him once again into their halls. Now, Doldin sets forth not just to meet glory in death, but to consume the darkness, and overcome his own shortcomings as a crafter. Whatever comes, he is prepared to take it down. Tyto’s death showed him many blaring shortcomings in his own power, not just in his craftsmanship, but his fighting ability; How can he battle those that he cannot reach? However, in his journey, the Ancestral Axe which was taken from the Statue of Moradin in the dilapidated ancient runes under his city made it’s way to him, and he sees this as a sign, not only that his redemption is possible, but that a connection to his God may be made as well. Yet, it gives him hope and understanding as well. This axe, so great in it’s appearance and strength, shows him that there are lost arts of his craft that he can work towards, in the hope of reviving them.

Doppler, corrupted by the evil that was possessing Tyto Tenebricosa, slowly turned further and further against the party, secretly aligning himself with the Avoral. This change in his heart made him quickly succumb to darkness, stealing more and more from the party and impeding them; His first death at the hands of an ally more than drove his young mind over the edge, and despite resurrection it was found that his doom was to be at the hands of Doldin Brightsmith, who may not have seen the darkness growing in the young gnome’s heart, but saw how it was affecting their quest. His final moments were at the betrayal of the party and his oath toward Doldin to no longer steal from those within the team.

Draeriael, as always, continued the quest after the Dwarven stronghold, to build his hoard as his Goddess commanded. However this was not without it’s own trials, as his amassed hoard begins to include many items which become harder and harder to carry, not he least of which is the dwarven Ancestral Axe which he eventually decided was best to give over to Doldin and his cousin, who trailed with him back from the mountain and into the Druid City, to follow along with Doldin as his companion, at the Dwarven King’s request. The axe showed it’s true colors in the library, when it diverted Draerial’s first and only attack with the weapon right into his own leg, severing it cleanly. A weapon who did not want to be owned by him was more danger than it was worth, and for a price he parted with it. Maybe into the hands of whom it truly belonged. For now, he was finding a deeper and deeper fascination with keeping the heads of those greatest foes that he had slain, and the newest was a massive skull of an undead terror, too large to truly carry, but a fine addition to his hoard. Now, in the library after the death of Tyto, he is visited by the spirit of his Goddess for the first time since she resurrected him, and she tells him how she sees him grow. She orders him to venture to her temple in the desert, after fighting a creature whose very nature blasphemes against what she teaches, draconic by blood, but an abomination of unknown origins who follows the evil dragoness, Tiamat.

The elven Wizardess, Dahlianna, has done what her people commanded, and followed this party as a watcher until now, recording what is happening with these dark forces as the party adventures, but she can see no end to it as yet. Even with Tyto’s death, she has watched the struggles of the group themselves. The betrayals and infighting, she can only lump together as being the influence of the evil in the world. Because she can see the hearts of them, as they travel together, and while each struggles with their past it is not so dark set of pasts as to truly show such brutality; The time and the darkness, as her people have told, are the blame. The darkness must be stopped, and she has much to impart to the council about what has transpired, when she returns.

Before meeting the Council, the party met with a newcomer whose presence, while short, changed them a little and granted much knowledge of the true scope of the impeding evil. For he was a Goliath, a race now presumed extinct for over a thousand years. The last great celebration they held was inturrupted by a ragnarok of sorts, and none had been seen since. The destruction of his civilization was shown to the group, him included, and he was to follow and fight against the foul fowl that cast his people into flames. However, he died at the hands of a terrible beast within the library, doomed never to meet Tyto in battle. The loss of Loki Passive-Fist Toathray was felt deeply within the party; A man who had sworn off violence, and arm, whose very presence invoked a feeling of light and goodness in those around him. The party has yet to lay him to rest, but plans for a befitting ceremony. As short as the time spent with him was, the impact was massive.

Within the library, two more newcomers found their way to the party, as if by a godsend. A lovely rogue by the name of Saphira, who entered the portal unseen, invisible, and watched. Sent to report on the party by her leader in the Montevoix faction of the Thieves’ Guild as a spy, she watched the horrors they fought against and eventually was forced to reveal herself after speaking, lest the party attack her. She lent her powers to the fight, from then on, and found that she would likely find herself traveling with this group for much longer. Now, as what may have been the hardest battle for survival she has ever taken part of, she reflects on her orders and what she has seen. Will she stay with the party, or will she return to the Rogues? Would she be able to forgive herself if she, lawless though she may be, let the darkness consume the world? Would the Guild prevent her from going, or would they understand? What was the purpose of her master sending her here? Into this Armageddon?

The other was a warped-minded gnome, much older than Doppler, bearing slight resemblance (as if they may have been originally from the same area of the world), who wandered in from the darkness, chattering and jittering to himself, bent on the death of Tyto due to nothing more than a dream that told him that the evil was there. He proved to be an incredibly needed party, being the only one who could keep up with Tyto’s height and speed of flight, repeatedly bringing him back to the ground. While the party may not know whether this man can be trusted there is no denying the boon that he had been in this fight. And even in the library, this crazed man was struck with the dark dreams, whispering to him what more needs to be done.

The Story Begins
Basic information regarding this campaign

The story is yet to start. Nothing has happened. All players should be preparing their characters.

Here are the rules:
Wizards of the Coast content only, preferably core (PHB and PHB2) classes.
No races that have a level adjustment and, again, preferably core races (PHB and DMG).

This campaign is for non-evil characters and preferably non-chaotic. However any alignment of non-evil character will be allowed.

Roles that have been:
1) Stealth – Mike (Ranged Rogue)
2) Tank – Greg (Dwarven Barbarian)
3) Caster – Adam (Dragonblood)
4) Healer – Lauren (Human Druid; Spontaneous Casting as healer instead of Summoner)

Optional Roles:
Any others, if there are enough players.

All players must read up on Montevoix, as it is their hometown, or at the very least their current/logstanding place of residence.


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