The Library of the Lost

Advent at the Chronomancer's Guild

After clearing Westeria, Doldin and Dreirael immediately claim this place, inhabited only by the dead bodies, as their own. While searching for any items or information on the Necromancer’s body, they find quite a few magic items, including a black orb, roughly the size of a human head. The orb mad eof finely polished Obsidian contains a faint image of a black dragon’s head inside of it. Unsure what this is, the party stowes it away to research later. However, after deciding this place was now theirs, the party is left needing to find their way home. With new information about Chronomancy, namely that another civilization had it once, and that it was lost, Thomas immediately wishes to get there to give over the book, however Dreirael wishes to speak to the Elven Council, and states that if he goes to the Chronomancer it will be to kill them, due to what they have done to the party in the past. Most important to Dreirael, they now have a name to put to the red and black face, the Dancing Devil.

While Doldin stays at the in-progress Stronghold in Cassica, Dreirael takes the book that the gnomes gave them, wary of changing events of the past, and he, thomas and the new woman, Sue, travel to the Elven Citadel at Dysidun. Word of Dahliana’s death had reached the Elves and ere was much to discuss.

Dreirael steps in and immediately throws the gnomish book down onto the huge center table of the citadel and begins giving his report on everything that had happened from the moment they left the citadel to this point. After listening what the party now knows, the Elves will scry the aether again, trying to find any knowledge of the necromancer and the dancing devil. Here they will reveal that more than a thousand years prior, the realm of Tiamat was, indeed, overtaken. A party of creatures entered the Hells, then 13, now 9. It consisted of two human males, an elven male, and a dwarven female. The ones who were pivotal in the fall of Tiamat were one of the humans and the elf, Clopin Trouillefou and Trellyr Grayborn, respectively. They entered the realm and were very quickly overtaken by the evils and riches offered, their greed corrupted them and drove them nearer and nearer to the demonic energies until finally those energies consumed them, altered them. Without hesitation they offered their allegiance to Griz’zt. Using their newfound powers the two quickly tore through the realm of Avernus, ending the Blood War by amassing countless bodies on both sides, indiscriminate of who they killed, as chaos was where they thrived. Soon after, they betrayed the allegiance, never having planned to honor it in the first place, and attempted to overthrow Griz’zt himself. They initially failed, having faced only an avatar. However where one failure stood, a great victory was won, Clopin, well practiced in the arts of music and dance, and sly with his tongue, convinced the Drow Goddess, Lolth, to court him. This goddess served a grand purpose and assisted him in overtaking Griz’zt’s domain. In the great recesses of Lolth’s domain, Clopin became known across the hells as the Dancing Devil using his tongue and wit and superior bloodlust to bend many in the hells to his whim. The Elf became known as the Trellyr of the Four Hands, having allowed the she-devil to graft a set of arms to himself. The two worked together to gain hoards of demons under them. The Dwarven woman soon fell to death, but that did not stop her from assisting, having delved deep into necromancy she replaced her teacher in Undeath while in the realm of Dis and provided the Dancing Devil with the necromancer they recently killed. Amassing seven generals, one from each of the rulers of the seven levels of Hell which they did not control or destroy outright. With their political power growing the two, who began calling themselves the Brothers Bane, murdered their other human companion as a sacrifice, allowing them to become immortals. With their new rank they took demons and undead alike to storm the lands of Tiamat, and ripped her from her throne.

What occurred after this is as yet unknown to the Council.

After convening with the Elves, Drei leaves. While porting back to Cassica with Sue, he is immediately unaware that Thomas has gone. He enters the vault to store the book the gnomes gave, and find it missing. Remembering it on the table he, Doldin and Sue immediately portal back to Sanctia, to find the book no longer on the table. In a rage, Drei asks the council what happened to it, but no one seemed to know. Piecing it together, Doldin and Drei knew it made most sense that Thomas had to have taken it to the Chronomancers, on another of his insanity-induced plots. They immediately followed.
Upon entering the guild of the chronomancers, to which only Doldin and Thomas had been in the past, there will be a bit of an uproar. There are stirrings that they have finally managed to do everything they need, travel through time has been freely mastered. This, without the book that Thomas had just handed the chronomancers. In fact, that book seemed to be causing the leader of the Chronomancers quite some consternation. Reading the book, the leader is growing more and more frantic, flipping the pages, then he looks up and says that it’s identical to the one they have. the one that allowed them to do any of this; It’s just newer. It has been through less, and has not been translated. He Picks up the book they have, tattered and torn, and shows Thomas a stain on one of the pages that looks identical in both books. Baffled by how new this book looks compared to the one that was given to them to study from, the Chronomancers take it to study and compare. Doldin and Drei, followed by Sue, enter here, poised to fight Thomas if they need to but their entrance is timed very badly. Another portal opens moments after theirs and a tall, grey-skinned, cocky looking elf, with four arms, and two elven composite bows strapped across his back, walks out. He is clad in light armor and a heavy fur cape falls down his back. his blood-red hair a harsh contrast to the rest of him.

The elf steps forward and attacks the Chronomancers’ leader, driving an arrow deep into his heart. The man’s four arms moving fluidly to deflect attacks, he catches Doldin’s attack bare-handed and throws the great dwarf aside, effortlessly. His movements are almost unable to be seen by the naked eye. He advances and takes the book, Wind of Westeria. He turns and tells the. “I am Trellyr of the four Hands, Ruler of the First Hell, Avernus. I am the Right Hand of the Brothers Bane; If you want this book back, find me in the past.” Then he is gone, as fast as he came.

Heavily shaken, Doldin, sue and Drei know what, who, they just witnessed. So overcome by this man’s power were they that they could only stand there, processing what had just happened.

A scream echoes out through the guild as a young woman, roughly 25, comes to the fore, holding the body of the dead Chronomancer Leader in her arms. Loki Toathray pushes his way to the front in the crowd having seen everything and been powerless to stop it. He bids the party to go with him to the land of the Goliaths. Now. he knows their journey, and that an Archstone is located there, and he knows something else. he openly tells Drei, Doldin, Sue and Thomas that their recent findings at the chronomancy guild have taught them about about what is called a Nexus Point. These are places where great events occur due to time travel being misused, which leaves an unstable rift in the area for all time. The party will need to go to the Goliath’s lost city and find the nexus point there. Loki tells them that they can use it to do a time-jump back to the era in which the Goliaths were destroyed, and hopefully find a way to close that nexus point, making it impossible for their enemies to use, if they are indeed using Time Magic to the extent that the Chronomancers believe. Loki asks them, despite his own convictions, to temporarily rejoin the quest, as he sees it as his duty to return his people to the world.

Before the party can answer, the woman who had fallen beside the body of the Chronomancer Leader stands up, taking the brooch off of her master’s chest and pinning it to her own. “I am now the captain of this guild, having been his Second. If you plan to go to the past, I will be the one who takes you. It was his wish that the Chronomancers find and seal the nexus Points. We only know where the one is, but I will join you if you will have me.”



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