Montevoix and the nearby areas are the basis of this campaign. your characters all originate from this area.

This city is known to those nearest it as a strong trade center, due to it’s river ports, as well as a hive for crafters and creators. The city is built around a river, from which two reservoirs have been built. Trade ships often come in and out.

The city is Lawful
The city specializes in Fishing, trade, and Smithing (specifically simple weapons and armors, and everyday goods).
The most notable portents of this city are Port South, Port North, the Montevoix bazaar, and the Road to the Mountain.

Road to the Mountain is the safest route to the Mountain of Songs, for which Montevoix gets it’s name. However, this path has it’s dangers, as a tribe of druids takes residence to protect the forest and mountain from the destruction brought to nature by modern society.

If you look on the map, you will find markers showing details you all know, having grown up here. All unmarked areas are residential.

The People of Montevoix:*
The Humans - The humans took up residence here and built Montevioix to be a trade and fishing port and have been flourish for generations.
The Druids - While some of the druids are human, most are Elves or half-elf. They try to stay away from the city proper, as it is cities like this that they view as a danger to the natural ecosystems. Montevoix is more tolerable to them, as it seems more intent on staying where it is and does respect many of the wishes of the druids, but still they are wary of the potential expansion, and so the Druids have taken to living in the forest as a means of protecting it in the even that the city tries to expand further into the mountain.
The Dwarves - The dwarves venture to and from the city from the mountains. These are the only creatures the Druids have no concern about letting through their barricades. the dwarves have existed in this area for far longer than the humans, and while they don’t get along well with the Elven druids, the two have coexisted for centuries and have laws that each abide by when in each others’ territories.
The Dragons of the Mountain of Songs - There is no proof that these dragons still exist, only legend that has been passed down. However, there is proof that they did at one point exist, found in the blood of a select number of denizens around the area. Though few and far between, there are many who carry a trace amount of the blood of these dragons, though it has been diluted though the generations.

The DM will show all player characters where they live individually.
The DM will also tell you when a quest marker has been added to this map.

Port South is the fastest way to get to the city of Marineport, a metropolis for traders with a wide range of different races and species living together.

Port north is the fastest way to get to Kasica. This is surrounded with small villages, each of which is renowned for some type of food or craft.


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